Less Is More…

…so here goes my shortest post yet.  It’s only four lines :) Be careful what you teach. It might interfere with what they are learning. Magda Gerber — Be inspired and remember, every day you’re adding another stone to the building that will be a child’s Life.  Be careful how you build! :)

IF by Rudyard Kipling…inspiration for 2013

I memorised this poem in school years ago…when I was thirteen.  Recently while browsing through posts on Farnam Street, I chanced on it again.  Reading through it after so long was refreshing!  And when I happened to search it up on youtube, I found a video with typography that’s just too amazing to pass up.  … Continue reading

Happy 2013!

In another hour or so 2012 will be over forever and a brand new year will be on our doorstep. It’s the perfect time for us to look back and look forward…and give you a good idea of what to expect of this space. In 2012, I hit the highest number of students I’ve taught … Continue reading

Still surviving…and some updates!

Hey everyone! How’s life? I’ve been absent for a long time, I know… but yes, I’m still around and still surviving. Thought I’d pop by wordpress for a quick hello and catch-me-up post to break the long silence.  Just to let you know, I’m currently not taking any new students for 2013, because I have … Continue reading


In our field, we all need encouragement, a listening ear, and a push when we get lazy… don’t we? :)  Here’s a dose of optimism for you today. Just a reminder to keep the fires of enthusiasm burning.  Long ago, someone very wise told me this: When you’re just starting out in this field, make … Continue reading