Tomorrow is Saturday, and I’m on duty.

But it’s not a curse. In fact, it’s a blessing. I love my Saturdays at work. It’s my once-a-month chance to catch up on all the class displays and admin work I’ve been meaning to do all week, not to mention lesson preparation and evaluations.

We all need a break from teaching, and schedules and the daily grind of working weekdays. Even the most passionate of us do. Saturdays are my chance to breathe, look at my classroom from other than preoccupied eyes (eyes busy watching out for my kids!!), and generate my own glorious puddle of teacher’s passion.

So I’m looking forward to tomorrow. And with it, I’m looking forward to the week ahead. I find that to keep up the passion and spirit of early childhood education, two things are requisite.

One, constant learning. If I let up on reading and researching, I find myself running dry of ideas and enthusiasm.

Two, balance. As much as I love my work, the kids, my colleagues, the environment, there is an urge every few weeks to break away from it all and immerse myself in something else. Funnily, I actually find the stress of hard work exhiliarating; but one cannot run on overdrive for days on end. Every so often, I must take some time away, by myself or with my loved ones and forget about work, forget about deadlines, forget about issues and incidents to address…and just live. Unwind. Breathe.

There is something restorative about being quiet, taking a break, sitting back and letting the world pass by if it will. Then, when the moment of peace is over, one re-enters the dizzying pace of real life with renewed energy.

So, fellow teachers out there, take a break once in awhile. It’s good for you. Really. :)

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