This is not goodbye…

Hi hi friends,

It’s been forever since I last wrote to you! It seems I only come back to post updates nowadays.

But just to let you all know, Teacher Sue is taking a complete break from teaching phonics…to study again! My very last class will be next Wednesday, and it will mark the end of my phonics classes after over four very fruitful and enjoyable years. It hasn’t seemed like four years, for sure!

While we’re on the topic, here’s a big thank you to all my students and their parents for the great partnership and work we’ve been able to accomplish over the past months. It has been truly great working with each one of you with your unique abilities and needs. So glad to see each one blossoming and growing in their learning journeys, and loving reading, too!

Will I ever come back to this? Maybe, maybe not. Life is full of adventures and opportunities. We cannot know what the future holds for us, but only follow enthusiastically where God leads.

The most recent opening has been to study my degree at UniSIM, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Management. I will be starting this July, and graduating with God’s grace, in due time (if I don’t die first!).

This blog will still be around, and you might find an occasional random post from me when I find the time. And yes, I hope you will find them to be meaningful, helpful posts!

So this is not goodbye, just see you again soon!

Lots of love,
Teacher Sue

2 thoughts on “This is not goodbye…

  1. Sue, I will miss your blog posts! I am certain you will enjoy doing the degree :) All the best to you and your endeavours

    • Thank you Harlina!! Well, i hope to be back with posts on all the good stuff i’m learning at school, so this space wont exactly be dead (i hope!) ;)

      Looking forward to degree, yes! Hope you’re doing well with yours too!

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