Happy 2013!

In another hour or so 2012 will be over forever and a brand new year will be on our doorstep. It’s the perfect time for us to look back and look forward…and give you a good idea of what to expect of this space.

In 2012, I hit the highest number of students I’ve taught at one time…not that it was very many, just eight (!)…but that was in addition to studying and working part-time…so it was a personal achievement I celebrated.

In 2012, I also experimented with new approaches to teaching and various styles and mediums of literacy education.  They were great learning experiences…I had some wild successes, made my share of mistakes, and learned much not to be forgotten soon.

In 2012, I also completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education at SEED Institute after 20 long months of hard work, and hard work it was.  I always tell people that if you want to come into this line, be very sure it’s for you, then go ahead full steam.  You need the energy and the passion.  In the course of 20 months, I saw a surprising number of coursemates drop out of course for various reasons… I also heard from coursemates who decided after finishing the diploma that this line is not for them… but for those of us who have found our calling, it’s definitely Early Childhood Education all the way!!

In 2012, I also started working at a preschool… am still doing it and loving it despite the challenges.  We need challenges to push us, stretch us and make us grow.

Well now…. those were some highlights of the past year.  Looking ahead…?

In 2013, what can you expect from teachersuzannah?

I will be busy, but I’ll be around, I promise. :)  I don’t pledge to post more than I did last year, but I do promise that when I do post, I will do my best to make it worth your time.  Don’t be surprised if many of my posts end up being motivational!  Teaching young children does take alot out of a person, and it takes grit and faith to carry on through the hard times.  BUT there are many good times too…and I hope to share lots of those with you!

Thank you for faithfully following my journey through education.  We’re just on the outer fringes…there’s a lot more coming!  So buckle up and get ready for 2013!  Here we go!!

Have a wonderful year ahead!


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