Still surviving…and some updates!

Hey everyone!

How’s life? I’ve been absent for a long time, I know… but yes, I’m still around and still surviving. Thought I’d pop by wordpress for a quick hello and catch-me-up post to break the long silence.  Just to let you know, I’m currently not taking any new students for 2013, because I have just about as much on my plate as I can manage responsibly…and I do like to be responsible, so I have to draw the line.  Sorry about that, if anyone here online has been eyeing spots in my classes.  Inquire about mid-2013 if you’re still keen, and I’ll update you then, ya!

However, I’ll still be around, and (I hope!) still write newsletters as and when inspiration strikes! ;) Been working harrrrd and loving it!  Being surrounded by children all day just completes me in a unique way.  I love the patter of little feet running after me, the baby voices calling out, the soft, tiny hands squeezing my arm and asking for a quick cuddle.  Scattering kisses and throwing high-fives is part and parcel of my life now…and it just keeps getting better!

Will I teach for the rest of my career?  I hope so.  I do have far-reaching ideals (yes, I am still young at heart and reasonably idealistic), but it’s part of my philosophy that continuing to teach children keeps my feet on the ground and gives me a better idea of what it’s like at ground-zero than anything else.  Besides, what could be better than spending time surrounded by the dear lil’ munchkins each day?  Thank God for an ideal job where I am surrounded by wonderful people and doing what I love most.  Hope things have been smiling down on you all too!

I saw a quote that became a good reminder to me… I think it’s worth sharing!

True isn’t it?  I’ll leave you to digest this for now… hope to be back soon!

Thank  you for reading!


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