In our field, we all need encouragement, a listening ear, and a push when we get lazy… don’t we? :)  Here’s a dose of optimism for you today.

Just a reminder to keep the fires of enthusiasm burning.  Long ago, someone very wise told me this:

When you’re just starting out in this field, make a list of the five biggest reasons why you entered Early Childhood.  Keep that list with you.  And one of these days when you get discouraged, or you feel your enthusiasm getting dented, take the list back out and remind yourself.

Well, like the procrastinator that I was, I thought it was a lovely idea, but I didn’t get around to it, and didn’t get around to it, and didn’t get around to it till something reminded me of it yesterday.  And I think I can consider myself still pretty new, so making the list now is still quite valid, yes? :)  So here are the five biggest reasons.


1.  God opened the way and led me into this field.  Yes, I am strongly motivated by my faith.

2. I LOVE children. Enough said. :)

3. I get to nurture little minds, hearts and bodies in a child-centred environment. It is one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had.

4. It keeps me young at heart.

5. It gives me the opportunity to learn more daily, analyse children’s learning, problem-solve, plan strategies for management and teaching—all of which I absolutely LOVE.

Well, those are my reasons for now.  Maybe I will add on to them as I grow in experience and wisdom? :)  Just another little thought here:  do you know, intrinsic motivation gets you much further than being motivated by external factors?  Another piece of advice from another very wise mentor:  keep your own goals in sight.  Wherever you go, you will meet people less motivated than you, less enthusiastic, less optimistic.  And if you are not careful, they can rub off onto you, and you will find yourself losing motivation.  How do you prevent that?  Mix with positive people, and keep your goals in sight… and keep your big five handy too!  Do you have such a list?

If so, what are your BIG FIVE?

Thank you for reading!  Apologies if this post is not as coherent as desired… I am just about to retire on a weekday night after a full day, and with another full day ahead.  Enough said… do you buy my excuse? :)


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