How Do You Beat the Killing Pace?

Teaching in early childhood is definitely not for the faint-hearted or those looking for an easy life. :)

It’s not particularly easy to give 101% at work, live your passion and your ideal (while staying firmly in touch with common sense), manage the workload, and still have the energy to smile and run around all day trailed by a cloud of happy grins.  But teachers in ECE need to do all that.  And the pace can be killing.  People have told me over and over again that ECE is not a field to go into for the money, and now that I’m in it, I heartily agree.  You need passion to survive in this field.  Passion, and lots of support from superiors, colleagues, family and friends.

…and, I might add, having a little bag of survival strategies helps too!  I think we all develop this as our experience in the fields lengthens and deepens.  Anyway, how do you beat the killing pace?  What strategies do you whip out to stay chirpy and motivated?

I discovered one while I was on practicum…one that I thought I’d share here just for fun:

plan “living time” into your day.

I wake up around 5.30am every day…sometimes a tad earlier.  And that’s despite the fact that my working day only starts at 8am.  Well, my official working day, at least. :)  As long as I’m awake, I work in my brains even when I’m not physically at work.  Why do I do this to myself?

Lots of practical reasons… to beat the morning crowd on the MRT; to tie up loose ends before I really get into the day and start into my schedules full steam; to take care of work leftover from the day before; or help around with some housework before I leave for work.  But there’s one main reason now:

To inject “living time” into my day.

Time when I can move at my own pace, live in my own space, do my own things quietly (yeah, believe me, it’s quiet around my house at 5.45am!), and think through things I didn’t get to the night before.  For about an hour or so, I really live.  I take my own sweet time to get dressed and looking presentable, slowly amble out to the kitchen to get a bite of breakfast, watch the sunrise on days when I’m particularly early, listen to morning birds…just live!  Living time!  And do you know, it really perks up the rest of my day!  It seems to me that once you’ve had some quiet, personal time, you’re geared up for a fast-paced day with all the problems and stresses it brings… is it true?  I don’t know—it’s just my theory. :)

Haha, somehow this reads more like an inspirational blog post than a newsletter.  Apologies about that!  We all need a little break from the conventional once in awhile, yes? :)  Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “How Do You Beat the Killing Pace?

    • Haha! Oh so is this the sort of thing I need to write more of nowadays, hahaha… I laughed when I read your latest…about the salary range in ECE. But you had a good point there~

      And thanks for your comment, it made me smile :))

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