Do you upgrade your skills regularly?

Teaching in early childhood can be a draining occupation because of the constant demands placed on your energy, creativity, patience and skills in the classroom.  Sometimes, a good way to get a change of pace is to pick up new skills…even something completely unrelated to education.

That is what I did in the past month.  I took an online power searching course by Google…60+ hours of videos, reading, practice and assessments… But it was worth the time and effort!  At the end of the course, I had loads of new skills neatly tucked away and a certificate to show for the effort.  Take a look:

Google Power Searching Course Certificate

Was it really worth the time?  I think so.  It gave me new perspectives, new ideas and a change of pace.  Already I’m beginning to see positive results of taking that short course, even in my work in early childhood.  It isn’t a skill that impacts my work directly, but it does make me a more effective worker, and it does save me lots of time, and it does help me find what I need more quickly and more accurately. :))  So was it wasted time?  No, of course not!

Did anyone else take Power Searching with Google?  How was your experience and how has it impacted you as a worker?

Thank you for reading!


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