Philosophy of teaching

teaching philosophy

When you engage a teacher for your child, it is important to find out what the teacher believes about the way children learn and how to teach them…

My teaching philosophy is simple.  I believe that teaching should be…

– Built on trust:  Relationship before learning.  For a child to truly be able to learn, he and the teacher must be able to communicate and work in a trusting learning partnership.

– Child-centred:  Everything I do in my classroom is for the children, based on their developmental needs, their understanding, their interests.

– Balanced with appropriate teacher-guidance:  It is all about balance.  I guide their learning by creating their learning experiences based on their interest.  I help them think beyond their interests.  But it’s a partnership, a balance.

While we’re on the topic of philosophy, this is my philosophy of working with children.

  1. Respect for the child—his learning style dictates your teaching method; his interest dictates your approach; his strengths and weaknesses dictate your focus. I believe that education should be child-centred.
  2. Understanding of the child—understand the child’s background, learning style, approach to learning, weaknesses, and meet him at his level. Keywords in my approach: never assume, thoroughly know the child, build on his strengths to help his weaknesses. I believe that education should be as individualized as possible, because every child is different.
  3. Partnership with the child—the whole purpose of education is for the equipping of the child. This equipping needs both your input and his. It is neither wholly directed by the teacher nor the child. Instead, it centres around helping the child to learn, with the teacher providing support, guidance and facilitation: a partnership!

If this is what you want for your child, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’d love to tell you more!  You can also find out more about my phonics programme here.

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