How much are your children learning?


This is where your newsletters are brainstormed, edited and sent from! :)) Pretty bare, but functional. (does anyone spot my penguin~)

Late nights do something to me.  Perhaps I’m an owl… I make some of my most interesting discoveries late at night when everyone else has gone to bed.  Maybe it’s because when they’re all in bed, they can’t walk by my work station and distract me with jokes, stories, questions …food? :))

Anyway, not too many nights ago in the quietness of midnight, I came upon an interesting slideshow presentation about how children learn.  I thought you deserved to share it too… so I collated the information here for you (aren’t I nice to you!) :P

Just take a look:

Around 13% of children’s learning comes through hearing.
Around 75% of children’s learning comes through seeing.
MAXIMUM learning comes through DOING.

Of all the material heard and seen, children will retain only an estimated 50%.
However, when children are taught through doing, they retain 90% of the material.


Those of you who’ve followed my journey since the beginning probably know enough to take over my keyboard from here, hey? ;)  Well, I shall not mount the soapbox.  I’ll just end quietly with a nice little clincher and call it a day.  Let your children learn through doing.  Theorists call it active learning.  Let them explore.  Create problems for them to solve.

That’s all good and well, I know, but it’s just words.  Want a real life example?  Instead of telling the children that cats have two ears, four legs and a tail, bring them to a pet shop.  Let them explore and examine, take pictures and make observations.  Back in the classroom or at home, let them talk about what they have seen.  Draw pictures, make posters with the photos.  The children will learn and remember better.

That’s active learning for you.  Are you practicing it?  How much are your children learning?

Thank you for reading! :))  Have a great weekend!


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