Here are the long-promised pictures!!

Finally, all assignments handed in… my life begins again!  It’s time to share a few of my internship moments with pictures!

As part of our professional conduct, we were advised not to take pictures of the children at the centre…so that will explain the somewhat boring selection of pictures.  Of course, I also was unbelievably busy during my internship, and didn’t have the time to run around taking photos.

Nevertheless, I do have afew that might interest you… :)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now you see why I was so busy? :))  I set up two learning centres (one numeracy and one language corner), and made each of the ten activities on my own.  And this was just one of the tasks I needed to accomplish to make it to the finish line!  But thank God I’ve reached it! :)

And it’s time to move on now!

Thank you for reading!  In my last two months of absence, I hope you all have had a fruitful time too!  I’m looking forward to the blessings in the new chapter ahead!   Join me! :)


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