Home Free!

Hello hello hello my friends!

Finally, my internship is over, my last lecture at school is attended, and I’m home free!  An assignment to finish and hand in, a portofolio to assemble and hand in, and I will truly have reached the end of the full and fruitful learning journey.

Here’s a BIG thank you to all my supporters and encouragers and pushers-on for your support and encouragement and understanding!  I would not have made it otherwise.  Thank you for pushing me on, helping with my workload, pitching in with your ideas, giving your two cents’ worth, lending a helping hand and sharing my goals with me.

Thank you to my dear family for everything.  Thank you for staying up late to accompany me while I worked on papers, for getting your fingers sticky and dirty with my projects, for ironing my clothes and making my breakfast, letting my sleep and taking over my chores so that I would be able to finish my schoolwork, for helping me save recycled materials and wrestling with contact paper (we’re experts with that now huh ;)), for hoping and praying with me, for listening and cheering me on.  Thank you with all my heart.

Thank you my friends for sharing the woes, the thrills, the work, the food…the stress.  You’ve been simply awesome.  You know exactly what we all went through together, and it is an experience I’ll never forget.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my friends.

Thank you my students and their parents for understanding and for being so flexible to rearrange lessons when I urgently needed time to finish up school projects and prepare for exams and assessments.  Thank you for your support!

Thank you everyone else for listening when I shared stories, encouraging when I needed encouragement, rejoicing when I rejoiced, and pitching in to help in any way you could.  You all were a blessing!

Most importantly,  thank You, God for being my Guide and Helper through every storm, for blessing each day with Your presence, and for bringing me safely to the end of this fruitful journey.

I feel so blessed!!


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