Made my Day!

I love it when I hear from my former students.  Believe it or not, I remember each one of them by name, remember the sound of their voice, remember their approximate height when I last taught them, remember their personalities, quaint little habits and characteristics.  And yes, I do miss them. /awww/

Anyway, recently I heard about one of them, and it really made my day!  Here’s what his mom said:

Hi Suzannah, you’ll be pleased to know that D’s teacher has feedback that he is able to read well, although he needs to practise more on some unfamiliar words.  I’m glad I sent him to your phonics class and it has proven that your class did help him alot in his reading journey.

PRICELESS!  It brightened up the rest of my day and many days afterwards whenever I remembered it, so thank you thank you thank you mummy for taking the time to let me know!! :)

Yes, I do appreciate positive feedback about my teaching.  It always hits home to me that the patient building, stone by stone, of a child’s foundation in reading does pay off—even when it seems slow in coming. But much more than that, I LOVE hearing updates about my former students.  It is a queer teacher’s thing, I suppose, but months and years after your students have left your classroom, you remember them.  You wonder about how they are doing, whether they have adapted successfully to primary school life, whether his current teachers are as understanding and patient as you tried to be with him…things teachers think about. :)

Hearing about the success of one of them was a personal uplift to me—to know that what I did to equip him for Primary 1 is bearing fruit, and that the foundation we laid together in class is supporting him now.  What an affirmation!

Thank you for reading!


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