Updates @ teachersuzannah

A little update…

I’m on the threshhold of another two months of internship—my final lap before I graduate!  Things have been piling up and getting more hectic, now that I’m closer to the finish line.  Putting together my portfolio… writing my final papers (thank you to all of you who recently contributed to my latest paper!!)… and then the more human side of saying goodbye and preparing for the new scenes ahead!

I’m excited, truly.  Nothing beats looking into a future full of possibilities!  Don’t worry, I’ll still be around, teaching in my small corner. :)  Perhaps, getting my fingers into more pies~

So, wish me all the best! ;)  You might not hear from me again for six weeks or so, because this last lap promises to be heavy!  I’ll come back with pictures (if it all turns out as expected~) to update you on the why and wherefore of my absence.  So until then, do take care and all the best to you as well!

Thank you for reading!


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