Useful, Flexible Classroom Activities 2

Hello again!

Another fun activity that has proven to be super flexible:  Postman Time

Basically, this is a sorting sort of activity (no pun intended there!), but there are hundreds of variations and activities it can be used for.  And the best part is that there are almost no preparations to make.  All you need are a few envelopes and other simple materials related to your lesson.  The most common way I use this activity is to assess my students’ ability to recognize a specific element of language.  For instance, I sometimes use a stack of pictures and have them sort them into the envelope according to the sounds they start with.  But, as I said above, it is such a simple activity that you can adapt it to use for almost any lesson!

Here’s a glimpse into my classroom during Postman Time~

Sorting words by special sounds (with a more advanced class)

The activity was very success-oriented, which made it enjoyable and appropriately challenging at the same time.

Incase you’re wondering about my envelopes, they are made from simple origami.  You can find the steps here.  Scroll down the page till you reach “Origami Envelope Tutorial”.  Making the envelope is also a great handcraft activity for older children.  It’s simple enough and gender-neutral too!

Have fun and enjoy yourselves~

Thank you for reading!


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