Still around :)

Hi everyone, I thought it was high time for  me to drop you all a note after so long a silence.  No special reason for the long hiatus, just the natural busyness of life!

Hope you all have been doing well!  I don’t have a particular newsletter topic to share today, just a quote chock-full of meaning:

We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it, than we do from learning the answer itself. ~Lloyd Alexander

Which is true.  Sometimes, feeding our children the right answer just makes their minds dull.  Instead, let them search for answers.  In so doing,  you unleash them to embark on a journey of discovery learning.  They might not discover the answer on their own… you might, at the end of the exploration, still need to give them the answer; but the experience of searching for it becomes a learning journey on its own… an indispensable one!

So the next time the child looks hopefully at you for an easy answer, encourage him on a journey of discovery learning instead.

Thanks for reading!


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