Another Fun Handwriting Idea

When it comes to doing things the fun way, I’m usually first in line or somewhere nearby, hehehee! (Why not, right?) :)

While we’re on the subject of handwriting… if you recall from a past newsletter, we pointed out the link between the development of the hand muscles and handwriting.

Just another little idea you might be able to use sometime:

Macaroni Letters

Remember these macaroni letters we used to eat in ABC soup in our distant childhood past? :) They’re also perfect for developing finger muscles and coordination.  As children sift and finger them, they are (unconsciously!) practising fine movements and developing the small muscles in their fingers.  I like these even more than legos or sand because they provide a natural way for the children to be exposed to letters.

At the first encounter with these, I usually encourage them to begin exploring by smelling and grasping fistfuls of letters (but not tasting!). As the fun gets better, the children often spontaneously proceed to pick out the letters and even spell familiar words. (Just a word of caution:  make it quite clear to the child that these macaroni letters are uncooked and not for eating.)

The excitement is unparalleled:

“Teacher, M!  See? There’s M!” …which quickly proceeds to “Cher look! (in a most urgent tone) Look! I can spell my name!”

Besides sensory exploration, I use these letters with icecream sticks for handcrafts… one of the all-time favourites with children—preschool age and beyond!  S.O. M.U.C.H. F.U.N… and yes, confession of a young-at-heart, when the children play, I play too. :P

Macaroni is fun!

Yes, notice it was done last year. We haven't done this for awhile... Time to revive it!

Yes, as my sup mentioned, in ECH we work hard (mostly behind the scenes)… but we remember to play too. :)

Thank you for reading!  And don’t forget to play~ ;)


2 thoughts on “Another Fun Handwriting Idea

  1. Thankie my dear for the nice ‘note’ you left. :D Eh, great idea for the macaroni letters! I remember it fondly! Teach Sue…neat tag. :) And it is FUN! :D :D

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